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English sentences with assiduous in context,

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As an assiduous Leveson Inquiry follower, I have supreme confidence our Boys In Blue "... will pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship..." in order to uncover the Truth.
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He was met with an accident when quite old and was not so assiduous afterwards.
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assiduous (adjective)

  • Hard-working, diligent or regular (in attendance or work); industrious.
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Tiririca (a clown), is one of the most assiduous parlamentarians as far as I know, so there is that.
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"In any ChurchilL lexicon, 'A' is for Alcohol, thanks to WSC’s audacious assiduous fanning of of his reputation for his capacity, though only once (after a bout of toasts at the Tehran conference) did anyone testify to seeing him the worse for drink."
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I may not be the most assiduous follower of local news, but did I miss a motherfucking bomb last year?
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Maybe your story got through to then; they have always been assiduous with the while security check thing when I've called them.
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