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Get another flight review and take the lesson learned straight to (it's free and can be set to automatically back up to Dropbox and/or email, everyone should use this).
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Re; paypal, to the best of my knowledge a paypal account can be set up through paypal's site.
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set (verb)

  • To put (something) down, to rest.
  • To attach or affix (something) to something else, or in or upon a certain place.
  • To put in a specified condition or state; to cause to be.
  • To cause to stop or stick; to o...
  • To cause to stop or stick; to obstruct; to fasten to a spot.
  • To determine or settle.
  • To adjust.
  • To punch (a nail) into wood so that its head is below the surface.
  • To arrange with dishes and cutlery, to set the table.
  • To introduce or describe.
  • To locate (a play, etc.); to assign a backdrop to.
  • To compile, to make (a puzzle or challenge).
  • To prepare (a stage or film set).
  • To fit (someone) up in a situation.
  • To arrange (type).
  • To devise and assign (work) to.
  • To direct (the ball) to a teammate for an attack.
  • To solidify.
  • To render stiff or solid; especially, to convert into curd; to curdle.
  • Of a heavenly body, to disappear below the horizon of a planet, etc, as the latter rotates.
  • To defeat a contract.
  • To begin to move; to go forth.
  • To be fixed for growth; to strike root; to begin to germinate or form.
  • To sit .
  • To hunt game with the aid of a setter.
  • Of a dog, to indicate the position of game.
  • To apply oneself; to undertake earnestly; to set out.
  • To fit music to words.
  • To place plants or shoots in the ground; to plant.
  • To become fixed or rigid; to be fastened.
  • To have a certain direction of motion; to flow; to move on; to tend.
  • To place or fix in a setting.
  • To put in order in a particular manner; to prepare.
  • To extend and bring into position; to spread.
  • To give a pitch to, as a tune; to start by fixing the keynote.
  • To reduce from a dislocated or fractured state.
  • To lower into place and fix solidly, as the blocks of cut stone in a structure.
  • To wager in gambling; to risk.
  • To adorn with something infixed or affixed; to stud; to variegate with objects placed here and there.
  • To value; to rate; used with at.
  • To establish as a rule; to furnish; to prescribe; to assign.
  • To suit; to become.
source: Wiktionary

Set (proper_noun)

  • An ancient Egyptian god, variously described as the god of chaos, the god of thunder and storms, or the god of destruction.
source: Wiktionary

set (noun)

  • A punch for setting nails in wood.
  • A device for receiving broadcast radio waves (or, more recently, broadcast data); a radio or television.
  • a hole made and lived in by a badger.
  • pattern of threads and yarns.
  • piece of quarried stone.
  • A small tuber or bulb used instead of seed, particularly onion sets and potato sets.
  • The amount the teeth of a saw protrude to the side in order to create the kerf.
  • That which is staked; a wager; hence, a gambling game.
  • Permanent change of shape caused by excessive strain, as from compression, tension, bending, twisting, etc.
  • A piece placed temporarily upon the head of a pile when the latter cannot otherwise be reached by the weight, or hammer.
  • The width of the body of a type.
  • A young oyster when first attached.
  • Collectively, the crop of young oysters in any locality.
  • A series or group of something. (Note the similar meaning in Etymology 2, Noun)
  • The manner, state, or quality of setting or fitting; fit.
  • The camber of a curved roofing tile.
source: Wiktionary

set (adjective)

  • Fixed in position.
  • Rigid, solidified.
  • Ready, prepared.
  • Intent, determined (to do something).
  • Prearranged.
  • Fixed in one's opinion.
  • Fixed in a certain style.
source: Wiktionary

set (noun)

  • A young plant fit for setting out; a slip; shoot.
  • A rudimentary fruit.
  • The setting of the sun or other luminary; the close of the day.
  • General movement; direction; drift; tendency.
  • A matching collection of similar things. (Note the similar meaning in Etymology 1, Noun.)
  • A collection of various objects for a particular purpose.
  • An object made up of several parts.
  • A collection of zero or more objects, possibly infinite in size, and disregarding any order or repetition of the objects which may be contained within it.
  • Set theory.
  • A group of people, usually meeting socially.
  • The scenery for a film or play.
  • The initial or basic formation of dancers.
  • A group of repetitions of a single exercise performed one after the other without rest.
  • A complete series of games, forming part of a match.
  • A complete series of points, forming part of a match.
  • The act of directing the ball to a teammate for an attack.
  • A musical performance by a band, disc jockey, etc., consisting of several musical pieces.
  • A drum kit, a drum set.
  • A class group in a subject where pupils are divided by ability.
  • Three of a kind, especially if two cards are in one's hand and the third is a on the board. Compare .
source: Wiktionary

set (verb)

  • To divide a class group in a subject according to ability
source: Wiktionary


  • Gang, specifically a subsidiary gang. For example, Piru Bloods is a set of the Bloods Gang.
source: Urban Dictionary


  • A unit of witch Gang you belong to
source: Urban Dictionary

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I don't need commands to survive, but I just want to run a smooth system instead of deciding "ok I'll go get wood tomorrow" when there can be set roles.
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An operation like this can be set up shortly after starting a world and gets you lots of good things really fast.
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The author doesn't seem to understand how rule 13 actually works, or that the timestamp field can be set to almost any value so long as it's not more than 2 hours into the future.
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If you open the warcraft world editor, you will notice that crit/bash abilities have a setting called "Never miss" which can be set to true/false.
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It scales well and can be set to run on some fairly low-end systems.
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It can be set up as vertical screens or just a windows like vertical flow
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Your watch has in it the 3135 calibre and can be set anytime.
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You need a camera that can be set for very long exposures, a tripod to keep the camera perfectly steady, and an accomplice dressed for the part, preferably in white.
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Samsung devices have a choice of screen colour profiles, which can be set to a more neutral mode if you need it.
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Of course classical guitars can be "set up".
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The amount of water and the humidity threshold can be set with button presses and are shown on the display.
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Like, storage containers can be set with a drag-down menu to Weapons, Terrain (possibly with sub-menus like Rock, Dirt, Sand, Organic), Seeds, ect, and then a 'Fill' button to drop as much as will fit.
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The cost has very little to do with the materials, but rather how easy the machine can be set up; labor to set up a machine for a few hours and reconfigure it is almost always worth more than the boxes.
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The dark theme is part of Gnome's default options and can be set on a per-app basis or globally.
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This module can be set up to host a simple HTML form as you have mentioned.
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Each ship has a card and a dial detailing white, yellow, and red status that limit what these systems can be set at (and some ships have "Cloaked" status).
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A skein winder can be set to a fixed diameter, such as two yards, and it has a handle so you can turn it to wind on your yarn.
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If you really look like you have abandoned and refuse to give it up, you can be set with a hearing to go before the judge.
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Seriously though, I do not think it can be set up like MFP, I just glance at the stats.
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Cards like Ulamog's crusher, walker of the grove and Mulldrifter can be set up with a brainstorm/ponder and flipped with a flicker effect once they have been manifested.
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They are set to mimic default keys (Tab, Caps, Shift, Q, A, Z, W, S, X, E, D, C, R, F, V) but can be set to anything, including macros.
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The problem is it can be set off by glare from reflective surfaces such as large bodies of water and tall office buildings which causes the aircraft to dispense flares.
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It also mentions bail can be set much lower or at no cost based on whether you are employed and have steady income.
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It can be set to between 150 (I think) to 212 degrees, in 5 degree increments.
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It has been possible since Halo 3 as Player Life Count can be set to 1.
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The Z stop can be set like .050" too high and it sticks anyway.
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Ketarin can be set up to download installers as well.
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Even to this day, some of the systems at major Telcoms still do things by hand and the databases can be set in different timezones.
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this is the 5600 DPI Lachesis and both can be set to just about any color.
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When they just finished defusing a bomb that can be set off by gatorade
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If you build it up effectively the scale can be set through the tension it inspires beforehand.
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His W can be set to autocast.
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They are the same thing except conversion optimizer is the entire campaign and flexible bidding can be set at individual AdGroups which is more ideal.
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I find it hard to even understand how someone's past experiences can be set up in a way that the introduction of a psychedelic reinforces their reality.
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In a poor country with an economy focused around labor intensive unskilled work, children can be set to work immediately and produce income for a family, making them a net economic benefit.
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Yes, the rig can be set with button boxes, displays and the likes - but if it's a static rig, I can see myself being more immersed in a 3D headset than I would be in a chair with all the bells and whistles.
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It also can be set to give notifications for prayer.
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It can be set to remove or report all kinds of stuff.
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Its a different universe, one made up by the writers, it can be set in a NJ almost identical to the real one but as soon as they want to change a minuscule detail like the real life location of all the real White Castle's in the area they will.
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Google Apps, Azure, etc., can be set up to use SSO.
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