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There's no definitive cut-off point when it comes to audience size in order to get sponsors.
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I'm expecting that the tier cut-off would be expanded into 300 and 1500 for T1 and T2 respectively, when the lowest tier reaches 60000 mark in consideration to how the tier cut-offs are relative to each other.
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cut off (verb)

  • To remove via cutting.
  • To isolate or remove from contact.
  • To stop providing funds to someone.
  • To end abruptly.
  • To interrupt (someone speaking).
  • To swerve in front of (another car).
  • To turn off or switch off ...
  • To turn off or switch off (an electrical device).
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cut (adjective)

  • Having been cut.
  • Reduced.
  • Omitted from a literary or musical work.
  • Carved into a shape; not raw.
  • Played with a horizontal bat to hit the ball backward of point.
  • Having muscular definition in which individual groups of muscle fibers stand out among larger muscles.
  • Circumcised or having been the subject of female genital mutilation
  • Emotionally hurt.
  • Eliminated from consideration during a recruitment drive.
  • Removed from a team roster.
  • Intoxicated as a result of drugs or alcohol.
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cut off (noun)

  • fuse.
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cut (noun)

  • An opening resulting from cutting.
  • The act of cutting.
  • The result of cutting.
  • A notch, passage, or channel made by cutting or digging; a furrow; a groove.
  • (specifically) An artificial navigation as distingished from a navigable river
  • A share or portion.
  • A batsman's shot played with a swinging motion of the bat, to hit the ball backward of point.
  • Sideways movement of the ball through the air caused by a fast bowler imparting spin to the ball.
  • In lawn tennis, etc., a slanting stroke causing the ball to spin and bound irregularly; also, the spin thus given to the ball.
  • In a strokeplay competition, the early elimination of those players who have not then attained a preannounced score, so that the rest of the competition is less pressed for time and more entertaining for spectators.
  • A passage omitted or to be omitted from a play.
  • A particular version or edit of a film.
  • The act or right of dividing a deck of playing cards.
  • The manner or style a garment etc. is fashioned in.
  • A slab, especially of meat.
  • An attack made with a chopping motion of the blade, landing with its edge or point.
  • A deliberate snub, typically a refusal to return a bow or other acknowledgement of acquaintance.
  • A definable part, such as an individual song, of a recording, particularly of commercial records, audio tapes, CDs, etc.
  • A truncation, a context that represents a moment in time when other archaeological deposits were removed for the creation of some feature such as a ditch or pit.
  • A haircut.
  • The partition of a graph's vertices into two subgroups.
  • A string of railway cars coupled together.
  • An engraved block or plate; the impression from such an engraving.
  • A common workhorse; a gelding.
  • The failure of a college officer or student to be present at any appointed exercise.
  • A skein of yarn.
  • That which is used to dilute or adulterate a recreational drug.
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cut (verb)

  • To incise, to cut into the surface of something. To perform an incision on, for example with a knife. To divide with a knife, scissors, or another sharp instrument. To form or shape by cutting. To wound with a knife. To engage in self-harm by making cuts in one's own skin. To deliver a stroke with a whip or like instrument to. To wound or hurt deeply the sensibilities of; to pierce. To castrate or geld. To interfere, as a horse; to strike one foot against the opposite foot or ankle in using the legs.
  • To admit of incision or severance; to yield to a cutting instrument.
  • To separate, remove, reject or reduce. To separate from prior association; to remove a portion of a recording during editing. To abridge a piece of printed or written work. To reduce, especially intentionally. To absent oneself from (a class, an appointment, etc.). To ignore as a social snub.
  • To cease recording activities.
  • To make an abrupt transition from one scene or image to another.
  • To edit a film by selecting takes from original footage.
  • To remove and place in memory for later use.
  • To enter a queue in the wrong place.
  • To intersect or cross in such a way as to divide in half or nearly so.
  • To make the ball spin sideways by running one's fingers down the side of the ball while bowling it.
  • To deflect (a bowled ball) to the off, with a chopping movement of the bat.
  • To change direction suddenly.
  • To divide a pack of playing cards into two.
  • To write.
  • To dilute or adulterate a recreational drug.
  • To exhibit (a quality).
  • To stop or disengage.
  • To drive (a ball) to one side, as by (in billiards or croquet) hitting it fine with another ball, or (in tennis) striking it with the racket inclined.
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  • to have sex (originating in Atlanta, GA); usually paired with 'something'
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  • having a lot of muscle tone; ripped
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cut off

  • when someone suddenly drives in front of u by changing lanes, endangering ur life and the lives of ppl around u. if u are ever cut off then it is ur duty to follow the laws of the road. 1) kill the mutha fucka b4 he kills someone else 2) run away, cause police r unfamiliar with the code 3) most importantly, u must cool down and remain calm. u cant shoot a gun with unsteady hands
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Cut off

  • 1. To stop sharing with. 2. To ignore.
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Before discovering reddit I thought bobbit was the only man in the world to have his penis cut off.
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Then I rub the Arm-R-Seal on with an old T shirt cut off.
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After all the finish is on I very gently wipe the surface in straight lines with another completely dry folded T shirt cut off.
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And when I started to rebel in my early teen years, I was cut off from having any sort of contact with the family at all.
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I have to cut off power and start it up again then reconnect to the game and hope we don`t play another 20 minutes.
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Once you have the battery compartment sliced off you cut off the rest of the back and glue the pieces together so you get a nice big access panel.
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This is the context in which one should understand his hyperbolic language to cut off one's arm.
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That's why the cut off is normally 26, they just haven't tested it much with people older then that.
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I snapped and called her a cunt and cut off all contact.
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Bitch, I was worried sick over you, and you don't even have the courage to tell me why you cut off all contact.
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At one point I decided it'd be better if we stopped with the relationship, prior to this I tried to get in contact with her and work something out, but she started to cut off communications with me, there were times when I tried to call her and she'd tell me she's busy, only to find out that she wasn't, and didn't want to talk to me.
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With my feelings well and truly hurt, I had it all cut off, which was terrifying for me and I struggled to hold back tears whilst getting it done.
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Considering the cultural and economic influence of the former group of cities and the relative lack of cultural and economic influence of the latter group of cities, this seems like a reasonable cut-off point, if an arbitrary numerical cut-off, like the one you posted, is necessary.
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Kinda reminds me of the story of the guy who got trapped between a wall and a boulder and cut off his own arm to escape.
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We'll cut off your Mrs. Johnson!
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I, uh, I was one of those people who just cut off all communication.
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Ok the bottom of the tank is lined with a wood laminate so can I cut off the strips and glue them back?
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If I tell you that you can either shoot yourself in the foot or have me cut off your leg, is the choice you make to shoot yourself in the foot really your choice?
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Your right, they cut off their oil and gas, which means they eventually don't have oil and gas to produce electricity (or the prices go so high they can't afford it), which subsequently also leaves a lot of Europe in the cold.
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I went to the department office and they said since Silverstein doesn't gave any grade scale in syllabus which means there's no official cut-off point, there's nothing they can do about it..
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It expands the combat system to include stuff like flips and swipes and you actually can cut off someone's hand (or head).
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Its better then the audio stream from the isles site, it doesn't cut off post game
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What if you have to cut off your leg to get to heaven and you don't?
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"I'm going to cut off your head and shit down your neck" - Duke Nukem
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Unfortunately, this will hurt the more cut off, "brain drain" areas the most.
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Its either cut off the head or throw in boiling water while alive or let them slowly die by drying/suffocation (if you buy live lobster, crabs etc)
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For the record, I was going to say cut off his hand.
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After we broke up, though, she confessed to me that what really happened is her mom had been talking to her about marriage, and gave her the lovely advice of "nobody buys the cow if they can get the milk for free" and encouraged her to cut off sex to encourage marriage.
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cause thats all i have a cut off for ;(
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And even the audio cuts off a little to early.
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From the crazy ass high cut-offs to the hilarious top rank shenanigans, this won't be an event to forget!
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The Iberic Peninsula seems to be cut off of the map
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I eat some, and cut off some.
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And IMO the only reasonable line for that cut-off is: they're smart enough to meaningfully participate in the Social Contract.
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If my service gets cut off because of them i am going to lose my shit.
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Wish him the best, then cut off contact, at least for a while.
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You cut off DNSRelay, can I see the settings of that, please?
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he got cut off of what
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While you are at it, cut off cable tv beer and internet.
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