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i create and equip a brace that tracks my heartbeat and if it goes below a certain point, like say 45BPS or above 110BPS, many explosives go off and destroy moderate portions of the city.
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Depending on your age, just look at what other people are wearing and go off of that.
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go off (verb)

  • To explode.
  • To fire, especially accidentally.
  • To explode metaphorically; to become very angry.
  • To begin clanging or making noise.
  • To depart; to leave.
  • To putrefy or become inedible, or to become unusable in...
  • To putrefy or become inedible, or to become unusable in any way.
  • To like less.
  • To pass off; to take place; to be accomplished.
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GO (proper_noun)

  • , a province of Indonesia.
  • , a state of Brazil.
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go (verb)

  • To move: To move through space (especially to or through a place). To move or travel through time (either literally—in a fictional or hypothetical situation in which time travel is possible—or in one's mind or knowledge of the historical record). To navigate (to a file or folder on a computer, a site on the internet, a memory, etc). To move (a particular distance, or in a particular fashion). To move or travel in order to do something, or to do something while moving. To leave; to move away. To walk; to travel on one's feet.
  • To work or function (properly); to move or perform (as required).
  • To start; to begin (an action or process).
  • To take a turn, especially in a game.
  • To attend.
  • To proceed: To proceed (often in a specified manner, indicating the perceived quality of an event or state). To proceed (especially to do something foolish).
  • To follow or travel along (a path): To follow or proceed according to (a course or path). To travel or pass along.
  • To extend (from one point in time or space to another).
  • To lead (to a place); to give access to.
  • To become.
  • To assume the obligation or function of; to be, to serve as.
  • To continuously or habitually be in a state.
  • To come to (a certain condition or state).
  • To change (from one value to another).
  • To turn out, to result; to come to (a certain result).
  • To tend (toward a result).
  • To contribute to a (specified) end product or result.
  • To pass, to be used up: To elapse, to pass; to slip away. To end or disappear. To be spent or used up.
  • To die.
  • To be discarded.
  • To be lost or out: To be lost. To be out.
  • To break down or apart: To collapse or give way, to break apart. To break down or decay.
  • To be sold.
  • To be given, especially to be assigned or allotted.
  • To survive or get by; to last or persist for a stated length of time.
  • To have a certain record.
  • To be authoritative, accepted, or valid: To have (final) authority; to be authoritative. To be accepted. To be valid.
  • To say (something), to make a sound: To say (something, aloud or to oneself). To make (a specified sound). To sound; to make a noise.
  • To be expressed or composed (a certain way).
  • To resort (to).
  • To apply or subject oneself to: To apply oneself; to undertake; to have as one's goal or intention. To make an effort, to subject oneself (to something). To work (through or over), especially mentally.
  • To fit (in a place, or together with something): To fit. To be compatible, especially of colors or food and drink. To belong (somewhere).
  • To date.
  • To attack: To fight or attack. To attack.
  • To be in general; to be usually.
  • To take (a particular part or share); to participate in to the extent of.
  • To yield or weigh.
  • To offer, bid or bet an amount; to pay.
  • To enjoy.
  • To urinate or defecate.
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Go (proper_noun)

  • An ancient Chinese board game, played with 181 black stones and 180 white ones, typically on a board of 19 × 19 squares.
  • A compiled, garbage-collected, concurrent programming language developed by .
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go (noun)

  • The act of going.
  • A turn at something, or in something (e.g. a game).
  • An attempt, a try.
  • An approval or permission to do something, or that which has been approved.
  • An act; the working or operation.
  • A circumstance or occurrence; an incident.
  • The fashion or mode.
  • Noisy merriment.
  • A glass of spirits; a quantity of spirits.
  • Power of going or doing; energy; vitality; perseverance.
  • The situation where a player cannot play a card which will not carry the aggregate count above thirty-one.
  • A period of activity.
  • A dandy; a fashionable person.
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go (noun)

  • A strategic board game, originally from China, in which two players (black and white) attempt to control the largest area of the board with their counters.
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  • an ancient board game originated from China, now commonly played in japan and korea also. It's becomming more popular around the world after the anime Hikaru no go to play internet go visite or visite yahoo games
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  • 'Tite', 'Stupid', 'dumb', 'cool', 'poppin'', 'going 'off', 'hot'
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go off

  • 1. carry on like a fuckwit because youre angry 2. spectacular memorable etc
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  • The rapid consumption of any edible substance, or semi edible substance. During the action, there is no stopping to breathe, talk, or anything else besides blow/throw up. This can include things such as soda, beer, an apple, ect. As they say, ' If your not blowin, your GOin!' This is commonly heard by the creatures known as 'Baby-Reps'
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5: both should go off simultaneously and BINGO!
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I think that when you press the button the first time, commands go off and set all the books to 4 (this would happen after a delay so that even the 7 that you place in would change).
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also pissing him off is only going to make him go off with his game.
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I've been sort of half-assing it (too many vacations, and special occasions, times when I go off it), but I do plan on trying harder in 2015.
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He's gonna go off the second half this game too
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Let's just go off of an anonymous person's words.
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Also, I didn't mean to go off on a tangent here.
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It might go off into deep space and hit somebody else in 10,000 years!
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I was about to go off on him for calling me a bitch, but my friend told me it was completely normal and not to be offended.
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I resolve to not completely fuck up everything when I go off to college.
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Sorry to go off topic but just my 2 cents.
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Scat, prints, fur, counting dens or nests...These methods are less accurate because they don't really tell us how many individuals there (only a presence/absence) unless we have more information to go off of.
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It's freaking hilarious to watch first time tourists freak out when the sirens from the fire house directly across the street from the beach go off.
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And clearly, from this comment and your first, you're someone who likes to make wild assumptions and go off on tangents.
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I watched a cache go off in '03.
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So do all the steam games go off sale on the 2nd or will there still be some on sale?
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If his comments on the home kit is anything to go off of, he likely doesn't understand fan outrage
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Hopefully those give you something to go off of!
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In 10 years time a bell will go off to alert you it is finally safe to be above ground.
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If all you have to go off of is the Oracle text, which is a complete and utter trainwreck, some further explanation is probably justifiable.
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You never know what could happen - she could forget to take some pills, or even go off it without telling you.
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My village had Air Raid Sirens that would go off occasionally for testing.
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My second floor apartment has super thin walls and my direct neighbor likes to set his alarm to go off daily.
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If someone has demonstrated that they are dangerous to others I let them go off into danger; I won't be the white knight for them.
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Having random Circles scattered across the field doesnt add up to a good map (You're free to let go off it sometimes though, but only if the jump makes sense).
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I've had dorm fire alarms go off during a couple of league games.
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However my brother randomly started losing his hair last year and he is 29 so the alarm bells go off for me a lot more than they used to thats for sure.
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I'm in a dressing gown stalking wishlists while fireworks go off outside.
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I was always afraid that it would go off during my shift one day, especially since the station was completely deserted at that hour of the morning.
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The problem is that the different interest groups are all walled off and fortified, and buried in their own struggles, and there's no commonly acceptable center-progressive group, movement, or subscribable ideology that can mediate and prioritize the interest groups' demands if they go off the rails.
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Fireworks starting to go off too damn early..
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I'd say not to go off of anything we say EVER!
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You have continued to skirt the issue, go off on irrelevant tangents, and try to reframe this discussion.
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This entire bloody subreddit is nothing but people who go off topic.
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Obviously using wax is more potent than claim, and claim is more potent than cannabutter made with flower, so you just go off of how much material you put in.
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He waits for the glow plug light to go off, turns the key off and on and lets it cycle again.
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They do, Days in most of these plays is set to go off one of the tackles and work up field.
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You have continued to skirt the issue, go off on irrelevant tangents, and try to reframe this discussion.
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