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I can have a go later, I might post it to my DA.
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I would then arrange them in a huge statue so if aliens ever come to earth, they'll be able to have a go to guide as to what happened on the big blue planet in the milky way.
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have a go (verb)

  • To make an attempt; to try.
  • To attack (physically).
  • To tell off (especially unnecessarily or excessively), to criticise.
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GO (proper_noun)

  • , a province of Indonesia.
  • , a state of Brazil.
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go (verb)

  • To move: To move through space (espec...
  • To move: To move through space (especially to or through a place). To move or travel through time (either literally—in a fictional or hypothetical situation in which time travel is possible—or in one's mind or knowledge of the historical record). To navigate (to a file or folder on a computer, a site on the internet, a memory, etc). To move (a particular distance, or in a particular fashion). To move or travel in order to do something, or to do something while moving. To leave; to move away. To walk; to travel on one's feet.
  • To work or function (properly); to move or perform (as required).
  • To start; to begin (an action or process).
  • To take a turn, especially in a game.
  • To attend.
  • To proceed: To proceed (often in a specified manner, indicating the perceived quality of an event or state). To proceed (especially to do something foolish).
  • To follow or travel along (a path): To follow or proceed according to (a course or path). To travel or pass along.
  • To extend (from one point in time or space to another).
  • To lead (to a place); to give access to.
  • To become.
  • To assume the obligation or function of; to be, to serve as.
  • To continuously or habitually be in a state.
  • To come to (a certain condition or state).
  • To change (from one value to another).
  • To turn out, to result; to come to (a certain result).
  • To tend (toward a result).
  • To contribute to a (specified) end product or result.
  • To pass, to be used up: To elapse, to pass; to slip away. To end or disappear. To be spent or used up.
  • To die.
  • To be discarded.
  • To be lost or out: To be lost. To be out.
  • To break down or apart: To collapse or give way, to break apart. To break down or decay.
  • To be sold.
  • To be given, especially to be assigned or allotted.
  • To survive or get by; to last or persist for a stated length of time.
  • To have a certain record.
  • To be authoritative, accepted, or valid: To have (final) authority; to be authoritative. To be accepted. To be valid.
  • To say (something), to make a sound: To say (something, aloud or to oneself). To make (a specified sound). To sound; to make a noise.
  • To be expressed or composed (a certain way).
  • To resort (to).
  • To apply or subject oneself to: To apply oneself; to undertake; to have as one's goal or intention. To make an effort, to subject oneself (to something). To work (through or over), especially mentally.
  • To fit (in a place, or together with something): To fit. To be compatible, especially of colors or food and drink. To belong (somewhere).
  • To date.
  • To attack: To fight or attack. To attack.
  • To be in general; to be usually.
  • To take (a particular part or share); to participate in to the extent of.
  • To yield or weigh.
  • To offer, bid or bet an amount; to pay.
  • To enjoy.
  • To urinate or defecate.
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Go (proper_noun)

  • An ancient Chinese board game, played with 181 black stones and 180 white ones, typically on a board of 19 × 19 squares.
  • A compiled, garbage-collected, concurrent programming language developed by .
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go (noun)

  • The act of going.
  • A turn at something, or in something (e.g. a game).
  • An attempt, a try.
  • An approval or permission to do something, or that which has been approved.
  • An act; the working or operation.
  • A circumstance or occurrence; an incident.
  • The fashion or mode.
  • Noisy merriment.
  • A glass of spirits; a quantity of spirits.
  • Power of going or doing; energy; vitality; perseverance.
  • The situation where a player cannot play a card which will not carry the aggregate count above thirty-one.
  • A period of activity.
  • A dandy; a fashionable person.
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go (noun)

  • A strategic board game, originally from China, in which two players (black and white) attempt to control the largest area of the board with their counters.
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  • an ancient board game originated from China, now commonly played in japan and korea also. It's becomming more popular around the world after the anime Hikaru no go to play internet go visite or visite yahoo games
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  • 'Tite', 'Stupid', 'dumb', 'cool', 'poppin'', 'going 'off', 'hot'
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Have a go

  • To give it a shot or try. Take a chance.
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have a go

  • to do something that will get you funked up, or to take some of that prime shit.
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  • The rapid consumption of any edible substance, or semi edible substance. During the action, there is no stopping to breathe, talk, or anything else besides blow/throw up. This can include things such as soda, beer, an apple, ect. As they say, ' If your not blowin, your GOin!' This is commonly heard by the creatures known as 'Baby-Reps'
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Thanks, I think I'll have a go at something like this.
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They are the cops, you should not even be there trying to have a go at this target, as it is THEIR job and NOT YOURS.
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Hopefully I'm not too late to also have a go.
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Plus I have a go to 'eat crap for the moment" option that is keto.
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That's who I wanted to have a go at NASCAR when ETX was done.
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I have a Go-Pro!
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Would love to join up with likeminded people to have a go at them!
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i wouldn't want a kanto remake, but kanto revisited, like with a different story, well i'd have a go at that.
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I have this book at home and when I get a chance (and provided does it before me) I'll have a go at summarising some of the relevant bits.
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They seem to have a go with everyone, including themselves.
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Hardly going to have any up-to-date information to help Isran - but I would willingly have taken her back for him to have a go.
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I'm at a furniture making college with a forge at the moment, if I get a chance to go in there I might have a go at making one.
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This season I think we can rotate him into the squad when Oscar or Fabregas is being rested and introduce him into the game at min 65 or so to let him have a go at tired legs.
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I'll have a go: The likelihood is high because on average, everyone will have a period of unemployment that long during their lifetime - and the cost is high as a percentage of your normal income, which means you can't just cover it with a month of rice and beans.
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When he finally starts to have a go at her.
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Its None of my business but have a go if you can.
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I'll have a go at overclocking, hopefully we see some performance patches in the near future.
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Then you each have a go, and get stopped by the other players, until someone tries to win and all the answers are gone.
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Glass the place and let a new species have a go.
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He could also have a go in the striker roles in a diamond formation.
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I have a go-to "Yes, my father is dead.
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Not a bad idea, if I had the time I'd be on it, maybe someone else can have a go :)
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I would like to have a go, but I I know her husband would murder my face....with one punch.
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Think I will have a go at u/beelzeybob's suggestions and post with a pic, if need be.
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I might have a go tomorrow...
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I still need to pluck up the courage to have a go at squats and deadlifts though.
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Regret seeing this late, but I'll have a go.
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Thanks, I'll have a go tonight, after my game of LoL.
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Just ignore it till you want to actually have a go at it.
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Let others have a go on the swing now, yeah?
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Don't forget we have a Gos who created the entire universe.
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I'm not trying to have a go at you here.
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Also all the drinks have musical themes and once a month the piano is open for anyone to have a go on.
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Just like it was odd you chose to have a go at YES voters recently.
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Unlike other people I'm not going to have a go at someones work just because I feel I should.
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Nice, but I don't have to time (yet) I may have a go in the future.
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People have a go at John Terry but his crimes against Wayne Bridge are vastly exaggerated, he was deemed not guilty of racism by a court (not that necessarily means he never said anything), and he has a well documented and very respectful record of charitable deeds and close interaction with Chelsea fanbase.
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