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It takes me and my friends like one hour to get into a lobby.
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It takes me 25 minutes to get from point A to B if I leave before 7:30, after that it can take from 25 to 45 minutes if I don't take the toll road.
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take (verb)

  • To get into one's hands, possession or control, with or without force. To seize or capture. To catch or get possession of (fish or game). To catch the ball; especially as a wicket-keeper and after the ...
  • To get into one's hands, possession or control, with or without force. To seize or capture. To catch or get possession of (fish or game). To catch the ball; especially as a wicket-keeper and after the batsman has missed or edged it. To appropriate or transfer into one's own possession, sometimes by physically carrying off. To exact. To capture or win (a piece or trick) in a game.
  • To receive or accept (something) (especially something given or bestowed, awarded, etc). To receive or accept (something) as payment or compensation. To accept and follow (advice, etc). To receive into some relationship. To receive or acquire (property) by law (e.g. as an heir).
  • To remove. To remove or end by death; to kill. To subtract.
  • To have sex with.
  • To defeat (someone or something) in a fight.
  • To grasp or grip.
  • To select or choose; to pick.
  • To adopt (select) as one's own.
  • To carry or lead (something or someone). To transport or carry; to convey to another place. To lead (to a place); to serve as a means of reaching. To pass (or attempt to pass) through or around. To escort or conduct (a person). To go.
  • To use as a means of transportation.
  • To visit; to include in a course of travel.
  • To obtain for use by payment or lease. To obtain or receive regularly by (paid) subscription.
  • To consume. To receive (medicine) into one's body, e.g. by inhalation or swallowing; to ingest. To partake of (food or drink); to consume.
  • To experience, undergo, or endure. To undergo; to put oneself into, to be subjected to. To experience or feel. To submit to; to endure (without ill humor, resentment, or physical failure). To participate in. To suffer, to endure (a hardship or damage).
  • To cause to change to a specified state or condition.
  • To regard in a specified way.
  • To conclude or form (a decision or an opinion) in the mind.
  • To understand (especially in a specified way).
  • To accept or be given (rightly or wrongly); assume (especially as if by right).
  • To believe, to accept the statements of.
  • To assume or suppose; to reckon; to regard or consider.
  • To draw, derive, or deduce (a meaning from something).
  • To derive (as a title); to obtain from a source.
  • To catch or contract (an illness, etc).
  • To come upon or catch (in a particular state or situation).
  • To captivate or charm; to gain or secure the interest or affection of.
  • To absorb or be impregnated by (dye, ink, etc); to be susceptible to being treated by (polish, etc).
  • To let in (water).
  • To require.
  • To proceed to fill.
  • To fill, to use up (time or space).
  • To avail oneself of.
  • To perform, to do.
  • To assume or perform (a form or role). To assume (a form). To perform (a role). To assume and undertake the duties of (a job, an office, etc).
  • To bind oneself by.
  • To move into.
  • To go into, through, or along.
  • To have or take recourse to.
  • To ascertain or determine by measurement, examination or inquiry.
  • To write down; to get in, or as if in, writing.
  • To make (a photograph, film, or other reproduction of something).
  • To take a picture, photograph, etc of (a person, scene, etc).
  • To obtain money from, especially by swindling.
  • To apply oneself to the study of.
  • To deal with.
  • To consider in a particular way, or to consider as an example.
  • To decline to swing at (a pitched ball); to refrain from hitting at, and allow to pass.
  • To have to be used with (a certain grammatical form, etc).
  • To get or accept (something) into one's possession.
  • To engage, take hold or have effect. To adhere or be absorbed properly. To begin to grow after being grafted or planted; to take root, take hold. To catch; to engage. To win acceptance, favor or favorable reception; to charm people. To have the intended effect.
  • To become; to be affected in a specified way.
  • To be able to be accurately or beautifully photographed.
  • To deliver, give (something) to (someone).
  • To give or deliver (a blow, to someone); to strike or hit.
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take (noun)

  • The or an act of taking.
  • Something that is taken; a haul. Money that is taken in, (legal or illegal) proceeds, income; profits. The or a quantity of fish, game animals or pelts, etc which have been taken at one time; catch.
  • An interpretation or view, opinion or assessment; perspective.
  • An approach, a (distinct) treatment.
  • A scene recorded (filmed) at one time, without an interruption or break; a recording of such a scene.
  • A recording of a musical performance made during an uninterrupted single recording period.
  • A visible (facial) response to something, especially something unexpected; a facial gesture in response to an event.
  • An instance of successful inoculation/vaccination.
  • A catch of the ball (in cricket, especially one by the wicket-keeper).
  • The quantity of copy given to a compositor at one time.
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  • opinion; point of view
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  • 1) to kick someone's ass 2) to have your way (sexually) with a person
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I like it quite a bit and it takes me all over the campus and out of cubicle farms.
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It takes me days, but some guy got to 32 in a week and a half doing it
source: Reddit

"Wow, how long would it take us to get out of Texas?"
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See how long it takes them to notice...
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When I clicked contact us it takes me back to the main payment support page.
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It takes them a while to notice though even if you flat out say "hey check out my virtual items!".
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Maybe it takes him another decade.
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I like the winnipeg one, it takes them back to when they had that hilarious winnipeg list.
source: Reddit

When my husband decides he's going to lose 20 pounds it takes him 8 weeks.
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I always click on it to show that I've read it, then when I close out my inbox I immediately get the notification again and it takes me back to my inbox and shows the same message again as if it was a brand new message.
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Clicking it takes me to the start of the video.
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But even then, as we can see in The Hobbit it takes them a few days marching to reach them.
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It takes me 1 1/2 hours to get to school, three towns away.
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It takes me less than an hour to breed a 5IV Pokemon.
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When I watch the Sox, I guess it takes me back to freshman year in high school, which was just a simpler time.
source: Redditshow contexthide context

I can't wait to see where it takes us!
source: Redditshow contexthide context

At this point, it takes me multiple runs just to break even.
source: Redditshow contexthide context

I still do bunny ears, and it takes me at least a minute for each shoe.
source: Redditshow contexthide context

Not sure how long it'll take but from what you and others have recommended, maybe I'll stay on ICF and see how far it takes me.
source: Redditshow contexthide context

Wear a sock and shoe on one of your feet but not the other for as long as it takes me to reach 2015.
source: Reddit

(Not for long, but it takes them long enough to fill with water to get everyone out)
source: Redditshow contexthide context

Because it takes them a long time on those
source: Redditshow contexthide context

If Dorian disagreed with the Inquisitor, he becomes Archon, though it takes him about a decade, some assassinations, a blood magic ritual, and an unhappy political marriage to "some unlucky girl" to do so.
source: Redditshow contexthide context

Somehow it takes me so long to do anything in DAI's system.
source: Redditshow contexthide context

It takes me a week to get all of them, though there are usually one or two I will struggle with all year.
source: Redditshow contexthide context

It takes them a LOT of tries but they eventually pull it off.
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certainly, though I think the more specific question is, if everyone were burried in large coffins treated to not decay, and the space above it marked off as unavailable occurring 100% of the time, how long would it take us to remove all usable space.
source: Reddit

I actually like Wiggle Wiggle a lot until Seoyoung screams and then it takes me out of it completely.
source: Reddit

Screw that person, and it's hard for us to get over things but it takes me 40 days to forget that I need someone in my life maybe cutting ties for 40 days will work for you too.
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what i do is spam the Lol logo on the topleft many times, and it takes me into the champ select after some time.
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Don't worry guys, I just got it from iTunes, Such a great album it takes me back :D Also added to my collection xD
source: Reddit

How long did it take him to do it?
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you know, if you cross posted this to whatcouldgowrong it would make people really uncomfortable for as long as it takes them to realize it loops.....
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Sometimes it takes me extra time to write an email because I keep screwing up the sentences (and language has always been my best skill).
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So why it takes them more than 90 days to fix this?
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It takes them seconds to stick them over the existing parts of the cash machine and even quicker to pull off or as technology is advancing, they're becoming wireless.
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I'm gonna ride this high out and see where it takes me.
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How else did it take them 1.5 years to fix decals ($$) on armor ($$)?
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Enemies will not enter the grenade after effect, and if the normal blast itself doesn't kill them, the .5 seconds it takes them to run out of the fire certainly won't.
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They're only endangered because of how long it takes them to reach maturity.
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And every fucking time it takes me by surprise.
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Only issue is my metabolism is so damn fast the amount of work it takes me to gain is ridiculous.
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It takes me fuckin ages to level a character to 50.
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It takes me an hour to get to sephora and they usually try to sell me their foundation (which causes me to break out) so I may go over to the mac counter and see what blends they use.
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