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They aren't finicky, you don't have to watch if you run out of MP or not.
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I'm going to run out of colours!
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run (verb)

  • To move swiftly. To move forward quickly upon two feet by alternately making a short jump off either foot. To go at a fast pace, to move quickly. To cause to move quickly; to make move lightly. To comp...
  • To move swiftly. To move forward quickly upon two feet by alternately making a short jump off either foot. To go at a fast pace, to move quickly. To cause to move quickly; to make move lightly. To compete in a race. Of fish, to migrate for spawning. To carry a football down the field. To achieve or perform by running or as if by running. To flee away from a danger or towards help. To juggle a pattern continuously, as opposed to starting and stopping quickly.
  • To flow. To move or spread quickly. Of a liquid, to flow. Of an object, to have a liquid flowing from it. To make a liquid flow; to make liquid flow from an object. To become liquid; to melt. To leak or spread in an undesirable fashion; to bleed (especially used of dye or paint). To fuse; to shape; to mould; to cast. To go through without stopping, usually illegally.
  • To sail before the wind, in distinction from reaching or sailing close-hauled.
  • To carry out an activity. To control or manage, be in charge of. To be a candidate in an election. To make run in a race or an election. To exert continuous activity; to proceed. To be presented in one of the media. To print or broadcast in the media. To transport someone or something. To smuggle illegal goods. To sort through a large volume of produce in quality control.
  • To extend or persist, statically or dynamically, through space or time. To extend in space or through a range (often with a measure phrase). To extend in time, to last, to continue (usually with a measure phrase). To make something extend in space. Of a machine, including computer programs, to be operating or working normally. To make a machine operate.
  • To execute or carry out a plan, procedure or program.
  • To pass or go quickly in thought or conversation.
  • To become different in a way mentioned (usually to become worse).
  • To cost a large amount of money.
  • Of stitches or stitched clothing, to unravel.
  • To pursue in thought; to carry in contemplation.
  • To cause to enter; to thrust.
  • To drive or force; to cause, or permit, to be driven.
  • To cause to be drawn; to mark out; to indicate; to determine.
  • To encounter or incur (a danger or risk).
  • To put at hazard; to venture; to risk.
  • To tease with sarcasms and ridicule.
  • To sew (a seam) by passing the needle through material in a continuous line, generally taking a series of stitches on the needle at the same time.
  • To control or have precedence in a card game.
  • To be in form thus, as a combination of words.
  • To be popularly known; to be generally received.
  • To have growth or development.
  • To tend, as to an effect or consequence; to incline.
  • To have a legal course; to be attached; to continue in force, effect, or operation; to follow; to go in company.
  • To strike (the ball) in such a way as to cause it to run along the ground, as when approaching a hole.
  • To .
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run (noun)

  • Act or instance of running, of moving rapidly using the feet.
  • Act or instance of hurrying (to or from a place) ; dash or errand, trip.
  • A pleasure trip.
  • Flight, instance or period of fleeing.
  • Migration .
  • A group of fish that migrate, or ascend a river for the purpose of spawning.
  • A single trip down a hill, as in skiing and bobsledding.
  • A (regular) trip or route.
  • The route taken while running or skiing.
  • The distance sailed by a ship.
  • A voyage.
  • An enclosure for an animal; a track or path along which something can travel.
  • Rural landholding for farming, usually for running sheep, and operated by a runholder.
  • State of being current; currency; popularity.
  • A continuous period (of time) marked by a trend; a period marked by a continuing trend. A series of tries in a game that were successful.
  • A sequence of cards in a suit in a card game.
  • A rapid passage in music, especially along a scale.
  • A trial.
  • A flow of liquid; a leak.
  • A small creek or part thereof.
  • A production quantity (such as in a factory).
  • The length of a showing of a play, film, TV series, etc.
  • A quick pace, faster than a walk. A fast gallop.
  • A sudden series of demands on a bank or other financial institution, especially characterised by great withdrawals.
  • Any sudden large demand for something.
  • The top of a step on a staircase, also called a tread, as opposed to the rise.
  • The horizontal length of a set of stairs
  • A standard or unexceptional group or category.
  • A score (point scored) by a runner making it around all the bases and over home plate.
  • A point scored.
  • A gain of a (specified) distance; a running play.
  • Unrestricted use of.
  • A line of knit stitches that have unravelled, particularly in a nylon stocking.
  • The stern of the underwater body of a ship from where it begins to curve upward and inward.
  • Horizontal dimension of a slope.
  • The horizontal distance to which a drift may be carried, either by licence of the proprietor of a mine or by the nature of the formation; also, the direction which a vein of ore or other substance takes.
  • A pair or set of millstones.
  • A playthrough.
  • A period of extended (usually daily) drug use.
  • The movement communicated to a golf ball by running it.
  • The distance a ball travels after touching the ground from a stroke.
  • A .
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run (adjective)

  • In a liquid state; melted or molten.
  • Cast in a mould.
  • Exhausted; depleted .
  • Travelled, migrated; having made a migration or a spawning run.
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  • what black people do when the police chase them.
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  • PLENTY of definitions for this word, it can mean one of these: 1. To move quickly; sprint 2. A point in baseball 3. To 'own' 4. To steal 5. To race someone there's plenty more, those are just a few.
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  • Are You Naked
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"oh my god, Rich, he's right there"... waiting for your boat to break down/run out of fuel, then eat you.
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A reg fails or you get lost for a few minutes and you either run out of air immediately, or run out during decompression.
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That's certainly a field that's not going to run out of positions any time soon.
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I've run out of space at least 5 times in the last year, and I never had this problem with my 3GS and 4S phones.
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They consume a HUGE amount of algae, in a clean nano like yours they will quickly run out of food and unless you supplement they starve and then die and spike ammonia.
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what, you have this all wrong: when the bulleit runs out it's time for evan williams, and when you run out of that it's time for fireball or whatever, and when you run out of fireball it's time for making your own mouthwash mixture, and when you run out of mouthwash it's time for old crow
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If that's the case, as an avid news reader, and a quick one at that, I'd run out of content incredibly quick.
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It'll still show a dotted line for jumps after you would run out of fuel when you have a fuel scoop equipped.
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i run out of the dollar
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This can happen until you run out of crew members to fill the position.
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That being said, PAD is secondary now to BF, since I have admittedly run out of goals to achieve.
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They'll run out of steam with no response.
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It won't suddenly not turn on, run out of battery, and I'm not giving you our WiFi password.
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You are doing so well to distract yourself but if you run out of things to do, feel free to message me.
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When in the middle of a project, it is easy to run out of time and be halfway to the target before it disappears.
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no he's a skeleton and it was 50 years he would have run out of his former crew's bone marrow in under a year, if he ate it.but he doesn't need to eat.
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It is slow going at first but if you go crazy and try to clear too much land all at once you will run out of money very quickly.
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Although kingdom hearts is sitting next to my gameboy right now, just waiting for me to run out of homework.
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I never run out of homework anyway.
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I would imagine also the 200 people trying to run out of those tiny doors and running in the aisles while trying to push past people putting on parachutes causing way more chaos and worsening any chances.
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The oil price directly determines how fast we will run out of the resource of oil.
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It's like friends from childhood or high school; eventually you run out of things.
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What if the charity runs out of money?
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"They've run out of fucks."
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You can't run out of things to do.
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When I finally leave for good (and it's probably coming soon) PS2 will languish on my hard drive for months until I run out of space and do a sweep for games I don't play anymore.
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All while victim blaming the shit out of a group of people that has been run out of their homes more that any group in European history.
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Unless you run out of cards completely, then Fel Reaver didn't really have a drawback.
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He needs to be run out of town.
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(Family bonding :D. Thing is, I normally can't get them to leave me alone after I do something fun, which sucks because I run out of ideas fast.)
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How did you run out of all the chicken at once for an empty restaurant and not start any until the next customer came?
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The criticisms of the combat are understandable as well, sure the tactical cam needs work and the AI doesn't run out of the fire (not like it ever did to begin with) but it never once frustrated me.
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Yeah, the only problem is it runs out of steam without any card draw, so Jeeves and maybe sprint are essential I think.
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How are we supposed to know you're not still up there, circling the bay until you run out of fuel?!
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I'm pretty sure companies are going to run out of ideas for consoles and just keep rehashing the same thing over and over due to hardware specs, whereas PCs are only going to get better.
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My team fighting is great, and I don't die unless I run out of pots or my ping goes to shit which happens quite rarely.
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After you run out of keys and as long as you bet smart you should have a sizable inventory of skins you can start to bet with.
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Run out of work because they don't want to leave half-finished things and the managers didn't have a good plan for us.
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This is a problem as some computers will run out of digits (in 2036, leading to a second Y2K problem if they don't get to add more digits until then.
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Bro did you run out of hemorrhoid creme or something?
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But units cost maintenance... you'll run out of money.
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Did you run out of letters before you completed your "please"?
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