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A buddy of mine and I did the run to Hutton together and watched a movie over space CB before reaching final approach.
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You can even run to the next block without touching anything :)
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run to (verb)

  • To reach a particular maximum amount, size, value, etc.
  • To reach the limit of one's abilities or tastes.
  • To go to a responsible person or authority figure for support; to require another to support onese...
  • To go to a responsible person or authority figure for support; to require another to support oneself.
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run (verb)

  • To move swiftly. To move forward quickly upon two feet by alternately making a short jump off either foot. To go at a fast pace, to move quickly. To cause to move quickly; to make move lightly. To compete in a race. Of fish, to migrate for spawning. To carry a football down the field. To achieve or perform by running or as if by running. To flee away from a danger or towards help. To juggle a pattern continuously, as opposed to starting and stopping quickly.
  • To flow. To move or spread quickly. Of a liquid, to flow. Of an object, to have a liquid flowing from it. To make a liquid flow; to make liquid flow from an object. To become liquid; to melt. To leak or spread in an undesirable fashion; to bleed (especially used of dye or paint). To fuse; to shape; to mould; to cast. To go through without stopping, usually illegally.
  • To sail before the wind, in distinction from reaching or sailing close-hauled.
  • To carry out an activity. To control or manage, be in charge of. To be a candidate in an election. To make run in a race or an election. To exert continuous activity; to proceed. To be presented in one of the media. To print or broadcast in the media. To transport someone or something. To smuggle illegal goods. To sort through a large volume of produce in quality control.
  • To extend or persist, statically or dynamically, through space or time. To extend in space or through a range (often with a measure phrase). To extend in time, to last, to continue (usually with a measure phrase). To make something extend in space. Of a machine, including computer programs, to be operating or working normally. To make a machine operate.
  • To execute or carry out a plan, procedure or program.
  • To pass or go quickly in thought or conversation.
  • To become different in a way mentioned (usually to become worse).
  • To cost a large amount of money.
  • Of stitches or stitched clothing, to unravel.
  • To pursue in thought; to carry in contemplation.
  • To cause to enter; to thrust.
  • To drive or force; to cause, or permit, to be driven.
  • To cause to be drawn; to mark out; to indicate; to determine.
  • To encounter or incur (a danger or risk).
  • To put at hazard; to venture; to risk.
  • To tease with sarcasms and ridicule.
  • To sew (a seam) by passing the needle through material in a continuous line, generally taking a series of stitches on the needle at the same time.
  • To control or have precedence in a card game.
  • To be in form thus, as a combination of words.
  • To be popularly known; to be generally received.
  • To have growth or development.
  • To tend, as to an effect or consequence; to incline.
  • To have a legal course; to be attached; to continue in force, effect, or operation; to follow; to go in company.
  • To strike (the ball) in such a way as to cause it to run along the ground, as when approaching a hole.
  • To .
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run (noun)

  • Act or instance of running, of moving rapidly using the feet.
  • Act or instance of hurrying (to or from a place) ; dash or errand, trip.
  • A pleasure trip.
  • Flight, instance or period of fleeing.
  • Migration .
  • A group of fish that migrate, or ascend a river for the purpose of spawning.
  • A single trip down a hill, as in skiing and bobsledding.
  • A (regular) trip or route.
  • The route taken while running or skiing.
  • The distance sailed by a ship.
  • A voyage.
  • An enclosure for an animal; a track or path along which something can travel.
  • Rural landholding for farming, usually for running sheep, and operated by a runholder.
  • State of being current; currency; popularity.
  • A continuous period (of time) marked by a trend; a period marked by a continuing trend. A series of tries in a game that were successful.
  • A sequence of cards in a suit in a card game.
  • A rapid passage in music, especially along a scale.
  • A trial.
  • A flow of liquid; a leak.
  • A small creek or part thereof.
  • A production quantity (such as in a factory).
  • The length of a showing of a play, film, TV series, etc.
  • A quick pace, faster than a walk. A fast gallop.
  • A sudden series of demands on a bank or other financial institution, especially characterised by great withdrawals.
  • Any sudden large demand for something.
  • The top of a step on a staircase, also called a tread, as opposed to the rise.
  • The horizontal length of a set of stairs
  • A standard or unexceptional group or category.
  • A score (point scored) by a runner making it around all the bases and over home plate.
  • A point scored.
  • A gain of a (specified) distance; a running play.
  • Unrestricted use of.
  • A line of knit stitches that have unravelled, particularly in a nylon stocking.
  • The stern of the underwater body of a ship from where it begins to curve upward and inward.
  • Horizontal dimension of a slope.
  • The horizontal distance to which a drift may be carried, either by licence of the proprietor of a mine or by the nature of the formation; also, the direction which a vein of ore or other substance takes.
  • A pair or set of millstones.
  • A playthrough.
  • A period of extended (usually daily) drug use.
  • The movement communicated to a golf ball by running it.
  • The distance a ball travels after touching the ground from a stroke.
  • A .
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run (adjective)

  • In a liquid state; melted or molten.
  • Cast in a mould.
  • Exhausted; depleted .
  • Travelled, migrated; having made a migration or a spawning run.
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  • what black people do when the police chase them.
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  • PLENTY of definitions for this word, it can mean one of these: 1. To move quickly; sprint 2. A point in baseball 3. To 'own' 4. To steal 5. To race someone there's plenty more, those are just a few.
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  • Are You Naked
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I especially take issue with the anti-180, low-velocity idea because the types of motors people are going to run to get that result are going to slaughter a bunch of other performance variables that put the FK and Xtreme in their current favored position.
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She had heartworms, so if she runs to hard, she dies.
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Couple that with cash sales/giving change and a refund could seriously stall a line while the manager has to run to the safe so that Billy can return his Xbox and be on his way to Microcenter
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Run to the palace, pillar up as high as possible, then weep softly into my trembling hands.
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Tech needs to run a few traditional runs to keep State honest.
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If I'm occupied with some other kitchen task, I let it run to completion.
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I run to the bathroom and blood is pouring out my nose for about 90 minutes.
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I do herb/limp runs to all patches but the troll patch.
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Fill two buckets to use for the last 2 patches, then run to bank, grab 15 pineapples, 13 buckets, then empty bin and refill it.
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You can create space for him by making a run to draw away a defender.
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But it "does not run to every place on campus."
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run to the hangar soon as you get in and you'll see your ship docking
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It took me around 600 runs to beat Yama.
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Run to work.
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I'd go with Ishikawa's walk off home run to get to the World Series.
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Take a cleat from a 200 lb man sliding forward while you run to tackle him to the knee.
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I get that black metal are always what the "I'm more kvlt than you guys" run to, but those are some of the most important bands to the genre.
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Unless durant can make a massive run to boost OKC to make the playoffs and beyond, I don't see him in the conversation either.
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His athleticism is what kept the ducks from always being able to run to the outside and around our corners.
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Mine was a run to a big hill to go to a hill workout.
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When she has one of her coughing episodes she appears to get scared and will run to my feet, either for comfort or help I assume.
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If they are so bad they take five runs to cheat Crota, they would never finish it legit.
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-Runs to him and hugs him-
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I would run to another room, curl up in fetal position, and die for a few hours.
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Sunday morning comes, do a public event, get my strange coin, run to where Xur was, then realized he doesn't stay for Sunday.
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The thing can't even run Netflix in HD or even WMC on the host device (runs to my 360).
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She pushes the button to open it, then screams and cries and runs to me.
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I'm available right now if you are, I just have to run to the bathroom real quick.
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He looks Like that kid in his school that runs to all his classes
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Falcons run TO.
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Go for a run to blow off steam
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That being said, I'd say Australia probably had a 75% chance of winning if they left India 90 overs and ~340 runs to get.
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Well, there is the fact that there are some red light cameras actually have been shown to be issuing tickets to yellow light runs to generate more revenue.
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there is only one strategic PropBomber in the Game that can make the Run to the Target currently and that is the G8N1, one Hit of your Cannons destroys or damages the Enemy so hard he needs to break off.
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Look, I'm not gonna run to the police or some shit, I don't even get how twitter works, I'm just asking a question about people's opinion.
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if this guy knows what hes doing, as he prolly did, he could skip last servitor, run to nexus, kill all minotaurs so nexus would spawn and start chipping away on his health.. nexus would be half health by the time you get to him.. its not like you were doing him a favor and he did fuckall, he was probably ready to pull his weight.. just because ppl do things differently than you does not make them leeches.. about the afk part i totally agree with you ofc; theres no excuse :)
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They run to the drug store, turn off lights and TVs, and other religious prohibited activities for the people there.
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One guy can run to the boulder room and pull the lever, only for it to immediately reset itself while you're still standing there, without giving you a chance to pull it a second time.
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I tend to run to the other end of the spectrum, though, I see myself as about 70 pounds heavier than I actually look.
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Had to run to keep my streak going.
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With all the terrible, money grubbing things people think Big Pharma does how in the world would they not RUN to market a cancer curing drug and charge LITERALLY ANYTHING THEY WANT FOR IT AND MAKE ALL THE MONEY??
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