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However, it's enough of a gamble that you absolutely shouldn't take on debt.
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Plus, this option isn't something folks take on a whim.
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take on (verb)

  • To acquire, bring in, or introduce.
  • To begin to have or exhibit.
  • To assume responsibility for.
  • To attempt to fight or compete with.
  • To catch on, do well; to become popular.
  • To show emotion, to grieve or be ...
  • To show emotion, to grieve or be concerned about something or someone.
  • To obtain the services of (a person) in exchange for remuneration; to give someone a job.
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take (verb)

  • To get into one's hands, possession or control, with or without force. To seize or capture. To catch or get possession of (fish or game). To catch the ball; especially as a wicket-keeper and after the batsman has missed or edged it. To appropriate or transfer into one's own possession, sometimes by physically carrying off. To exact. To capture or win (a piece or trick) in a game.
  • To receive or accept (something) (especially something given or bestowed, awarded, etc). To receive or accept (something) as payment or compensation. To accept and follow (advice, etc). To receive into some relationship. To receive or acquire (property) by law (e.g. as an heir).
  • To remove. To remove or end by death; to kill. To subtract.
  • To have sex with.
  • To defeat (someone or something) in a fight.
  • To grasp or grip.
  • To select or choose; to pick.
  • To adopt (select) as one's own.
  • To carry or lead (something or someone). To transport or carry; to convey to another place. To lead (to a place); to serve as a means of reaching. To pass (or attempt to pass) through or around. To escort or conduct (a person). To go.
  • To use as a means of transportation.
  • To visit; to include in a course of travel.
  • To obtain for use by payment or lease. To obtain or receive regularly by (paid) subscription.
  • To consume. To receive (medicine) into one's body, e.g. by inhalation or swallowing; to ingest. To partake of (food or drink); to consume.
  • To experience, undergo, or endure. To undergo; to put oneself into, to be subjected to. To experience or feel. To submit to; to endure (without ill humor, resentment, or physical failure). To participate in. To suffer, to endure (a hardship or damage).
  • To cause to change to a specified state or condition.
  • To regard in a specified way.
  • To conclude or form (a decision or an opinion) in the mind.
  • To understand (especially in a specified way).
  • To accept or be given (rightly or wrongly); assume (especially as if by right).
  • To believe, to accept the statements of.
  • To assume or suppose; to reckon; to regard or consider.
  • To draw, derive, or deduce (a meaning from something).
  • To derive (as a title); to obtain from a source.
  • To catch or contract (an illness, etc).
  • To come upon or catch (in a particular state or situation).
  • To captivate or charm; to gain or secure the interest or affection of.
  • To absorb or be impregnated by (dye, ink, etc); to be susceptible to being treated by (polish, etc).
  • To let in (water).
  • To require.
  • To proceed to fill.
  • To fill, to use up (time or space).
  • To avail oneself of.
  • To perform, to do.
  • To assume or perform (a form or role). To assume (a form). To perform (a role). To assume and undertake the duties of (a job, an office, etc).
  • To bind oneself by.
  • To move into.
  • To go into, through, or along.
  • To have or take recourse to.
  • To ascertain or determine by measurement, examination or inquiry.
  • To write down; to get in, or as if in, writing.
  • To make (a photograph, film, or other reproduction of something).
  • To take a picture, photograph, etc of (a person, scene, etc).
  • To obtain money from, especially by swindling.
  • To apply oneself to the study of.
  • To deal with.
  • To consider in a particular way, or to consider as an example.
  • To decline to swing at (a pitched ball); to refrain from hitting at, and allow to pass.
  • To have to be used with (a certain grammatical form, etc).
  • To get or accept (something) into one's possession.
  • To engage, take hold or have effect. To adhere or be absorbed properly. To begin to grow after being grafted or planted; to take root, take hold. To catch; to engage. To win acceptance, favor or favorable reception; to charm people. To have the intended effect.
  • To become; to be affected in a specified way.
  • To be able to be accurately or beautifully photographed.
  • To deliver, give (something) to (someone).
  • To give or deliver (a blow, to someone); to strike or hit.
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take (noun)

  • The or an act of taking.
  • Something that is taken; a haul. Money that is taken in, (legal or illegal) proceeds, income; profits. The or a quantity of fish, game animals or pelts, etc which have been taken at one time; catch.
  • An interpretation or view, opinion or assessment; perspective.
  • An approach, a (distinct) treatment.
  • A scene recorded (filmed) at one time, without an interruption or break; a recording of such a scene.
  • A recording of a musical performance made during an uninterrupted single recording period.
  • A visible (facial) response to something, especially something unexpected; a facial gesture in response to an event.
  • An instance of successful inoculation/vaccination.
  • A catch of the ball (in cricket, especially one by the wicket-keeper).
  • The quantity of copy given to a compositor at one time.
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  • opinion; point of view
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  • 1) to kick someone's ass 2) to have your way (sexually) with a person
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Yeah, I thought about that a bit before I wrote it, and I think it stands, if you take accomplished as "someone who takes on a difficult task and completes it".
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It's basically a new take on bartering skills using a matching algorithm that I developed.
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Are your reasons for wanting to enter medicine compelling enough to take on this debt?
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could take on a living embodiment of bloodshed and warfare like Aatrox with any kind of weapon?
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I think Kirkman's run on Ant-Man is my favorite arc on that specific character, essentially an accurate take on what would happen if most people received a super suit.
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I have pretty pale skin from years of just sitting in my room playing on my computer, but I have slowly began to take on a little bit of color this past year as I've begun to hang out with my friends more than I ever have in my lifetime.
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It's ok, I get where you guys are coming from and I appreciate your more courteous take on it FlipnClips.
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Her general take on things is that overeating or not caring about what I eat is problematic in the same way that undereating and caring too much about my intake can be.
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True, I suppose that is a more apt take on things.
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Personally, i think 2v2 is alot more interesting than 1v1s, so i'd rather the ranked system be centered around matching you with another player and then you take on another team, like LoL.
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I can't believe how many people take on 6 figure student loan to make 5 figures (half their loan).
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What if a person wanted to voluntarily take on the costs?
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The two I mentioned are pure trip music, they're alright not tripping but when tripping take on a whole new dimension.
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Interesting take on KAJ.
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given Shaqs take on the refs he is going to be fired up over that bullshit tomorrow
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People who go to college take on a significant amount of debt to do so.
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At least, that's my take on that saying - I may very well be completely wrong.
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I can handle a horse going nuts, but I wouldnt take on a Roo.
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And also from the sound of it, he probably could take on 3 or 4, if not more such dudes.
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The Japanese Imperial line takes on a reign name for "luck" or other magic.
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I think it's part of the Immunity of the Sovereign to take on a new name and leave the mundane one behind.
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-I like your take on Invasions.
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The first time I ever decided to take on a Giant, I saw it kill 2 Dragons...decided to avoid them since.
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Agreed, I would never take on anyone that I couldn't take a hit from in return, male or female.
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awesome take on good vs. evil.
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I watched some take on Funchness and that guy interests me merely because of his size.
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I find it very unlikely that there are "plenty" of 10 slot servers where the server is prepared to take on and allow a 5 man stack on one team.
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It would probably take a few hundred to take on Cap.
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What kind of lawyer did you find to take on this job for well less than $300??
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They're not (though lots of religious fundies do take on an anti-vaxxer stance for some reason).
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There's a good chance she'll be more honest with you if you're seeming to take on the blame if that makes sense.
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I personally love Allied for his personality and game knowledge; it's going to be interesting and enjoyable to hear his take on various strats.
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Still, you need to come up with something to take on the entire British Empire, who would have fought very hard to maintain at least eastern Canada... basically everything from modern Ontario on east.
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That is my take on it
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They really must have had to slow down for the takes on the AE86 overtakes, and drifting....
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They take on superhuman opponents without use of the force and lightsabers, so giving them force and lightsabers is a huge buff.
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Her take on the show and her whole experience had a great sense of maturity.
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Many people interpret it to be the Fool card as well which can take on so many meanings.
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Some sound like that(the voice actors for the sub of Mikasa and Annie sound awesome) but they do that to convey the original intent as opposed to the English dub actors who try so hard to put their own take on things and Americanize the fuck out of it and sour the viewing experience but like you each his own.
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If we want my personal take on the big picture, like SK said at the end, if I was on the jury I wouldn't vote to convict, because the case against him is so weak.
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A different but cool take on a trail bike
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If so, he probably wants to take on the defenders himself.
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As for a new franchise to take on, do I really need to say it?
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