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They take up very little bandwidth on an ISP compared to even Spotify (audio), and far far less compared to Netflix (video)
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I'd also like to take up knitting.
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take up (noun)

  • That which takes up or tightens; specifically, a device in a sewing machine for drawing up the slack thread as the needle rises, in completing a stitch.
  • Acceptance (of a proposal, offer, request, etc.)....
  • Acceptance (of a proposal, offer, request, etc.).
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take (verb)

  • To get into one's hands, possession or control, with or without force. To seize or capture. To catch or get possession of (fish or game). To catch the ball; especially as a wicket-keeper and after the batsman has missed or edged it. To appropriate or transfer into one's own possession, sometimes by physically carrying off. To exact. To capture or win (a piece or trick) in a game.
  • To receive or accept (something) (especially something given or bestowed, awarded, etc). To receive or accept (something) as payment or compensation. To accept and follow (advice, etc). To receive into some relationship. To receive or acquire (property) by law (e.g. as an heir).
  • To remove. To remove or end by death; to kill. To subtract.
  • To have sex with.
  • To defeat (someone or something) in a fight.
  • To grasp or grip.
  • To select or choose; to pick.
  • To adopt (select) as one's own.
  • To carry or lead (something or someone). To transport or carry; to convey to another place. To lead (to a place); to serve as a means of reaching. To pass (or attempt to pass) through or around. To escort or conduct (a person). To go.
  • To use as a means of transportation.
  • To visit; to include in a course of travel.
  • To obtain for use by payment or lease. To obtain or receive regularly by (paid) subscription.
  • To consume. To receive (medicine) into one's body, e.g. by inhalation or swallowing; to ingest. To partake of (food or drink); to consume.
  • To experience, undergo, or endure. To undergo; to put oneself into, to be subjected to. To experience or feel. To submit to; to endure (without ill humor, resentment, or physical failure). To participate in. To suffer, to endure (a hardship or damage).
  • To cause to change to a specified state or condition.
  • To regard in a specified way.
  • To conclude or form (a decision or an opinion) in the mind.
  • To understand (especially in a specified way).
  • To accept or be given (rightly or wrongly); assume (especially as if by right).
  • To believe, to accept the statements of.
  • To assume or suppose; to reckon; to regard or consider.
  • To draw, derive, or deduce (a meaning from something).
  • To derive (as a title); to obtain from a source.
  • To catch or contract (an illness, etc).
  • To come upon or catch (in a particular state or situation).
  • To captivate or charm; to gain or secure the interest or affection of.
  • To absorb or be impregnated by (dye, ink, etc); to be susceptible to being treated by (polish, etc).
  • To let in (water).
  • To require.
  • To proceed to fill.
  • To fill, to use up (time or space).
  • To avail oneself of.
  • To perform, to do.
  • To assume or perform (a form or role). To assume (a form). To perform (a role). To assume and undertake the duties of (a job, an office, etc).
  • To bind oneself by.
  • To move into.
  • To go into, through, or along.
  • To have or take recourse to.
  • To ascertain or determine by measurement, examination or inquiry.
  • To write down; to get in, or as if in, writing.
  • To make (a photograph, film, or other reproduction of something).
  • To take a picture, photograph, etc of (a person, scene, etc).
  • To obtain money from, especially by swindling.
  • To apply oneself to the study of.
  • To deal with.
  • To consider in a particular way, or to consider as an example.
  • To decline to swing at (a pitched ball); to refrain from hitting at, and allow to pass.
  • To have to be used with (a certain grammatical form, etc).
  • To get or accept (something) into one's possession.
  • To engage, take hold or have effect. To adhere or be absorbed properly. To begin to grow after being grafted or planted; to take root, take hold. To catch; to engage. To win acceptance, favor or favorable reception; to charm people. To have the intended effect.
  • To become; to be affected in a specified way.
  • To be able to be accurately or beautifully photographed.
  • To deliver, give (something) to (someone).
  • To give or deliver (a blow, to someone); to strike or hit.
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take up (verb)

  • To pick up.
  • To begin doing (an activity) on a regular basis.
  • To address (an issue).
  • To occupy; to consume (space or time).
  • To shorten by hemming.
  • To remove the surface or bed of a road.
  • To accept (a proposal, offer, request, etc.) from.
  • To resume.
  • To implement, to employ, to put into use.
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take (noun)

  • The or an act of taking.
  • Something that is taken; a haul. Money that is taken in, (legal or illegal) proceeds, income; profits. The or a quantity of fish, game animals or pelts, etc which have been taken at one time; catch.
  • An interpretation or view, opinion or assessment; perspective.
  • An approach, a (distinct) treatment.
  • A scene recorded (filmed) at one time, without an interruption or break; a recording of such a scene.
  • A recording of a musical performance made during an uninterrupted single recording period.
  • A visible (facial) response to something, especially something unexpected; a facial gesture in response to an event.
  • An instance of successful inoculation/vaccination.
  • A catch of the ball (in cricket, especially one by the wicket-keeper).
  • The quantity of copy given to a compositor at one time.
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  • opinion; point of view
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  • 1) to kick someone's ass 2) to have your way (sexually) with a person
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If you can afford to, take up a new sport or activity this year or join a club.
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From my brief experiences in dealing with people that work in Tokyo: commutes can take up a large part of the day, since so few professionals can afford to live in the city, and you're frequently expected to go out to dinner and/or clubs after work with business associates or clients, so there's very little time left to spend with the family.
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- Online courses: very tempting because they don't take up a traditional time slot in your schedule, but I found it too difficult to keep up with.
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Notice that Fed takes up about 80% of the height of the video (or more), and the camera is roughly parallel to the baseline at his depth.
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Also notice Federer takes up maybe 50% of the height of the video.
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I know OS's take up space but advertising 32gb of storage without saying only 16 is usable is misleading advertising IMO.
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The fact is that if you render 10 reverb tails that take up a lot more space in the mix than 1 reverb tail created by routing 10 sounds into it.
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Take up a new activity and seek medical help.
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Take up the biggest loan I can
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While bittorrent and streamed video certainly take up more bandwidth than league- do not kid yourself that the amount of routing and overhead this many connections makes.
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GarageBand is third at 745 MB, and those top three take up a quarter of my available storage (there's about 12.7 GB available after iOS).
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I don't think I've ever heard a cook actually take up a waitress on this offer.
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Nothing irritates me more than the recipes found on some web sites that take up four pages when printed out, requiring you to constantly flip back to the first page when you're already working on the 3rd page, and they contain ingredients like the following: "Two cups of sugar, divided.
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We all agreed, and were told to take up a candle and they got lit by our bigs.
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Thanks guys i think i might delete the thread now cause it's just gonna take up space
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It definitely takes up alot less space.
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I hate it, it takes up useful screen space.
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Having 7 on that drive won't hurt, it'll just take up space till you format.
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Which was probably the reason I just fell off the first 2 times since I weren't expecting them to take up so much of the screan time.
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So they are surging because the operating system takes up space?
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I don't think it takes up a huge amount of screen space over a horizontal bar.
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According to Walmart's site, it takes up to 4 hours if it's available at that location.
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Does not take up much space either.
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What people seemed to take up issue with was how it was phrased in an overly cynical, edgy, "everyone sucks except me"-type of personal attack.
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So I guess we should all sue Microsoft because they're OS takes up so much space that a computer with 500GB of space really only had 485 GB of space.
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How that works, since it comes fully assembled, let alone that it probably weighs a ton and would take up a lot of space regardless, is beyond me.
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These plebs seriously didn't know that the OS takes up storage space?
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This would be like if I wanted to sue Microsoft just because Windows takes up 20GB on my hard drive.
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The fetches take up most of the value, and the rest is all in line with what we'd expect from the most-opened set in history after it's flooded the market for three straight months.
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someone had to take up the mantle with Kane injured.
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I often forget how much the iOS takes up space.
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The closest we've seen to those are the Defiant (the top half of a spheroid) and the Romulan Warbird, as this takes up the maximum amount of the warp field.
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Then fill the hole with an epoxy - making sure no air bubbles take up any space.
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Church takes up several hours on a Sunday.
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I don't have to take up a quarter of my phone's memory with songs, I can just use the Spotify app.
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People who stand on the right side of an escalators, generally people who don't just walk on them, or two fat people who take up the curb.
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Is it normal for it to take up that much space?
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I once saw someone take up four spots with their car.
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This is the year where i take up 6v6 for realz
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What about something like modded minecraft with a 512x texture pack that already takes up a ton of RAM?
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The body could just take up compounds related to the cancer such as is proposed with red meat.
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I love Fitz, but he takes up over 10% of the cap space.
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